What are Handmade Leather floor mats?

Handmade leather floor mats are exactly what they say. Each set is made from Scratch by hand which allows us to customize the product to your imagination.

Can you change the stitching color or stitching pattern in your floor mats?
We can change the stitching color and pattern to suit your requirements.
Can you change the border color?
Border color can be changed on request. It will, however, cost an additional $20 USD.
What sort of Monogram/Logos are available?
Logos/Monograms are available in both Metal and Stitched options. Metal Logos cost an additional $30 For a Set of 4 while Stitched Monograms are $40.
What Leather Colors are available?

We have the following leather colors readily available:

Sandy Brown
Dark Brown
Racing Red

Any other color can also be made available on request.

Can you make mats for Right Hand Drive vehicles?
We can make mats for Right Hand Drive vehicles. By default, all orders for Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore
How will the mats be shipped?
The mats will be dispatched via DHL Express Shipping for a timely delivery.